Wolfgang Lieser
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Director del Digital Art Museum (DAM).

Investigador, curador y gestor experto en la difusiA?n y puesta en valor comercial del arte digital e interactivo. Es la cabeza del Museo, GalerAi??a y Premio [DAM] BerlAi??n, el cual es parte de un concepto global para dar a conocer obras basadas exclusivamente en la influencia de la informA?tica y lo digital en el arte y la sociedad.

Desde el aAi??o 2003 ha presentado en su galerAi??a de BerlAi??n-Mitte instalaciones contemporA?neas, asAi?? como pioneros en el campo de los medios digitales, generando una amplia gama de resultados.

  1. Creativ

    Kathy,Nice job on the video. I can’t tell you how tired I’ve become of hainerg this immigrant/native garbage. While I certainly spend part of my day helping my contemporaries (the old folks) attach files in email, I also spend another part of my day teaching my IT college students how to Twitter, share through Google Docs, and annotate and bookmark in Diigo. They pick it up quickly, but they don’t have a clue what tools are out there to help them as their knowledge almost always ends at Facebook. I also have to say that I’ve learned so much about technology and teaching from you and your website(s) over the past few years that calling you a “digital immigrant” is just wrong.So if you want to be called a “Digital Pioneer,” then that sounds great to me although “Guru” or “The person who spends a whole lot of time exploring and sharing this stuff” might work as well.


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